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Children’s Services is a fundamental part of what we do. To help you understand the complexities of our work in this area, here is a summary of our main operations.

"Come and join our award-winning children and families service.

Ealing is an innovative and dynamic authority, and I am delighted and privileged to be able to lead the talented and committed teams in the area of children and families.

In August 2016 Ofsted rated Ealing’s children’s services as being in the top 10% of local authorities in England. In the same assessment, services for young people leaving care were rated ‘Outstanding’.

Our multi-disciplinary staff are the agents of change in children’s and families’ lives, and are key to their safety, health and well-being.

In April 2017 we implemented our Brighter Futures transformation, which changed the way we work with children, young people, families and carers to bring about positive and sustained change.

We wanted to get better at supporting young people and families where there is a risk of family breakdown, preventing young people from entering care. I am pleased to report that to date we have made confident progress.

Importantly, learning and development is intrinsic to everything we do. It is a mark of the success of our in-house ASYE programme that the significant number of ASYEs remain with us to progress through our career grade scheme, eventually securing senior social worker and managerial roles.

We understand that helping our staff excel means ensuring manageable workloads, quality supervision, accessible support systems, ongoing training and appropriate recognition.

As a result, you can be confident of finding the right environment to grow as a social care practitioner by joining us here in Ealing".

Carolyn Fair- Director of Children and Families

Brighter Futures: About Children’s Services in Ealing

Our Brighter Futures programme is about developing relationships and intervention strategies for vulnerable children and young people both in and out of care.

A specific intervention model is well-embedded in our organisation and focuses on nurturing attachments and family partnerships. It was developed in partnership with the South London and Maudsley Trust (SLAM).

The model provides consistent language and interventions for multi-professional workers, foster carers and social workers, helping to stabilise placements and keep families together. Importantly, teams work with low caseloads per-worker, enabling them to deliver intensive interventions and use a group supervision process to review case planning.

Importantly, children and young people participate and express their views and wishes with support from youth workers.

Key elements of the Brighter Futures include:

  • Development and targeting of Early Help services for families most in need through our SAFE 0-18 and SAFE Plus services.
  • Creation of multi-disciplinary teams working to the Ealing Intervention Model. These teams are called ‘MAST’ (Multi Agency Support Team) and ‘Connect’.
  • Increasing the number of foster carers in Ealing, enabling more young people to remain local.

Evidence shows outcomes are moving in the right direction, with the numbers of looked-after children in Ealing currently at their lowest level for a decade.

Staff morale is high, and we currently have improved recruitment and retention figures. Furthermore, feedback about the Brighter Futures approach from children, young people and families has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our progress was acknowledged by Ofsted following an inspection in August 2016. The government inspectorate rated Ealing Children’s Services in the top 10% of authorities in England. It awarded an overall rating of ‘Good’, with a rating of ‘Oustanding’ for services aimed at young people leaving care.